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8 JoJo Siwa Party Ideas

A Guide to Throwing a Jojo Siwa Themed Event


Girl with Glitter Makeup and Glitter Roots Looking at Camera

Example of Glitter Makeup and Hair

JoJo Siwa Makeover Station

It’s really not a JoJo Siwa themed party without her iconic bows, glitter, and style! Use a table, some mirrors, and one of our Glitter Artists to create the perfect entertainment station at your event!   Our glitter artists will come prepared with cosmetic glitter for hair and skin, glitter gel for adding some shine and sparkle to your hair, and glitter tattoos!  (Don’t have your own bows?  We can help by providing balloon bows made by one of our Balloon Twisters, which is often way more fun for younger birthday attendees!)


JoJo Siwa Loves Pink! 

Any JoJo Siwa themed party needs to be decorated as elaborately as JoJo decorates herself! From her pink bows to her pink circle skirts–and all the pink windbreakers in between, it’s easy to see what her favorite color is.  But being as fashionable as she is, she knows how to keep her colors varied! At times, her pink bow is swapped out for an Elsa-blue bow–and Jojo is constantly pairing all of these bright pinks with soft colors like lavender and other bright colors such as neon green.  If you’re planning to decorate a JoJo Siwa birthday party on a budget, then simply stick to this color scheme. If you have the budget to go all out, many party stores keep JoJo Siwa themed party supplies in stock.


JoJo Siwa is the Candy Queen! 

“This life is sweet / sweeter than you think / gonna live the dream / like a candy queen” — if you’re not familiar with one of JoJo’s biggest hits, Kids at a Candy Store then get acquainted!  Candy is a big part of JoJo’s aesthetic–but not just any candy.  When planning a JoJo Siwa themed birthday party, choose candy you would find in an old fashioned candy store.  Rock candy, gumball machines, old fashioned lollipops, and candy jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces will go a long way towards creating that Kids at a Candy Store feeling.  You can even use this concept to turn your home or venue into an old fashioned candy store–combine that with JoJo’s color scheme and a makeover station and you’ve got a party! 


Examples of Pink, Purple, Blue, and Green JoJo Siwa Cake Pops with Bows Attached

The Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes are traditionally a safe choice, and if you’re doing this party DIY then a cake is probably the easiest route.  But since JoJo Siwa always brings a variety of color and event texture (glitter, sequins, cotton t-shirts, and satin bows) everywhere she goes–we suggest you outfit your treat stations with something more versatile like cupcakes.  Even cuter–cake pops! We love cake pops for JoJo Siwa parties because it is so easy to tie bows to the cake pop sticks, adding one more element of JoJo Siwa to the party! Tiny details like this can go a long way towards keeping your child’s birthday party fun and memorable!


JoJo’s Juice!  

It’s time for JoJo’s juice!  This one is easy–create (or find and print) labels that match the labels on JoJo’s juice from her youtube videos.  Then, simply glue the handcrafted labels over whatever soda, juice, or beverage you’re serving at your child’s birthday party.  (Kids will love to take part in this arts and crafts project, so if the party isn’t a surprise, this is an easy and fun project to do on a Saturday.)  


DJ working at Computer

DJ and Karaoke Services Available for JoJo Siwa Events

Play JoJo Siwa Music

JoJo Siwa is really making this party easy for you by being so multi-talented!  JoJo Siwa is loud and strong–so your party should be fairly loud too. Make sure there is a constant soundtrack playing in the background by making a JoJo Siwa inspired playlist and playing it on a loop over speakers in the background.  Take it one step further and arrange for your birthday kid and their guests to sing some JoJo karaoke! You can find youtube videos for JoJo karaoke, or you can purchase CDs for karaoke machines on the internet.  If you don’t have a karaoke station or speakers large enough for your party, don’t forget we offer DJ services


Have a Dance Competition

JoJo Siwa earned her fame on Dance Moms–so it’s only fitting that dance competitions should have their place on your list of JoJo Siwa activities.  Organize a friendly dance competition by giving kids time to compose a dance in groups, and then perform it for the adults. At the end, award prizes based on JoJo Siwa themed merits such as “Most Glittery Outfit” and “Most Energetic Dancer”–make sure to give wide and varied prizes if you don’t want the party guests to be sad about not coming in first place.  


Support JoJo’s Causes

It’s been a popular trend lately to ask for donations in lieu of gifts, even at children’s birthday parties.  One cause that is very important to JoJo is the fight against online bullying. features a host of resources for those who want to get involved in the fight to stop online bullying–and I’m sure JoJo would appreciate your interest and support in one of her favorite causes to rally behind!