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Arty Party Paint Nights

Host your own paint night in CT, MA, RI, or NH!

Our arty parties are perfect for college, corporate events, picnics, or anywhere else! All you need to do is provide the space: we’ll bring the rest!

Why choose Kaleidoscope?

  • We travel! You can host a paint night on your college or corporate campus in virtually any conference room or event space.
  • You choose the atmosphere. From Christian colleges to night clubs, you can choose everything to fit your brand or beliefs: from BYOB to totally sober, from a-party-atmosphere-full-of-trap to classical-art-evening-with-friends.
  • Our designs are cooler. We have an assortment of traditional landscapes you’d expect from a paint night, but our designs have been engineered by our in-house team of professional painters and graphic designers to be more customizable, use stencils, and generally just look a lot younger and more exciting.

What we need:

  • Access to plenty of tables and chairs (see our planning chart) and a water source. That’s it!