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Party DJ & Karaoke

1901380_10202723944632978_7656855524004843399_nIntroducing DJ and Hostess Stephanie Rivkin! With nearly a decade of experience, Stephanie has everything you need for a versatile party, with every type of music and DJ service you could need!

Music selections include:

  • Oldies and Classics (1920’s through 1950’s)
  • Classic rock and pop (1960’s through 1980’s)
  • Fop 40 from the 90’s through today
  • Club, dubstep, and trap remixes of tons of songs
  • Clean “family-safe” edits of all songs available upon request
  • Pre-selected song lists or let your guests pick!

DJ options include:

  • Event DJ–whether it’s custom remixes or guests’ choice!
  • Full karaoke set up
  • Party lights, black lights, fog machines, pre-set writing lights
  • Formal event set ups
  • Black light face/ body paint, paint drumming, and more

And now introducing:

Providing you with unique game categories to intrigue you, make you laugh out loud, and maybe even shock or gross you out is great fun for me as well as you! With musical interludes between rounds you’ll be entertained for hours usually while enjoying food/drinks and the company of friends! Prizes may be added on to this package by Kaleidoscope or the client.