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The Bubble Show

About the Bubble Show

The Bubble Show is Kaleidoscope’s science show for events and parties in CT, MA, RI, NH, VT, and ME!

Using the scientific method, your Bubble Science will help guests form hypotheses about what makes bubbles, why they float, and what’s inside. We love it for ages 3-12, although it can certainly be enjoyed by everyone, and lasts 15-30min depending on your preference.

About the Bubble Photo Booth

The Bubble Photo Booth is an original photobooth rental idea for events looking for an activity station for kids or something fun and memorable for the whole family.

After guests watch the show where they see an audience member put in a bubble on stage, the bubble scientists will set-up a station where everyone can climb in a bubble to take a photo themselves. (Or, if you just want the station, it’s also available as a separate package).

Do all of the kids have a chance to stand in the bubbles?

Our show is flexible enough for any sized audience so you can build the perfect package. When booking you can pick to book just the show; just the photo booth; or both together.

This way you can pick if you only want the show (for smaller budgets), if you want the bubble photo booth for the guests without the show (we’ll help you decide how long you should rent it for), or if you want both for the full bubble experience. We can decide together while booking.

Please note that our current configuration of photo booth was created for children 12 and under. If you are looking to book the bubble photobooth for an adult event, please notify our office so we can discuss the logistics of an adult-sized booth.

Is it safe for kids?

Yes! Our bubble mix is free from any products containing latex, soy, animal products, tree nuts, fragrance, or any other allergen (since everyone will likely end up with a few splashes of it). We use OSHA-grade non-slip mats to keep anyone from skidding, and industrial-strength canvas drop-cloths to protect carpets when needed. Read more about safety here.

Do you do any magic?

Our bubble scientists are not magicians–they’re performers who (with the help of young guests) perform experiments on stage. Our show is structured around the scientific method where audience members guess what will happen next and then test their hypothesis. It’s a science show with about a billion bubbles!

However, if you want magic, Kaleidoscope has plenty of magic shows to choose from.

What does it come with?

  • 1 bubble scientist + 1 assistant (2 performers total)
  • Up to 108sqft of OSHA-grade non-slip mats to keep guests safe
  • Up to 108sqft of industrial canvas drop cloths to keep carpets dry
  • Industrial bubble machine, step-inside photo booth, and all of the props involved in the show
  • Gallons and gallons of professional-grade bubble fluid

The show does not come with mics, sound systems, lighting, stage, or photographer. However, if you want referrals for some of our favorite lighting and sound companies, please ask when booking.