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Magic Meghan

Meghan has been a member of the Kaleidoscope team since March 2016, and in spring 2019 began working on her magic show. (Read Meghan’s bio here.)

Her show was originally formulated as entertainment for teens, college students, and adults, but with time it became clear that most of the magic tricks were also fun enough to be perfect for curious kids who want a more impressive magic show (verses some of the sillier magic shows we have for kids who just want to laugh).

From disappearing and reappearing objects to an amazing handcuff escape, Meghan’s show is interactive enough for all ages and full of tricks that will leave guests scratching their heads as they try to figure out (often incorrectly) how she does it.

We would recommend Meghan’s magic show for ages 7+ (for sillier magic shows for ages 3-12 we recommend Kenny) as well as for families who want to make sure the whole room is entertained (not just children). However, for a classic magician who can also stroll around through your event and performing up-close magic, we recommend our wonderful Victorian parlor magician James.