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Magic with James M!

A full-time fantasy author by trade (with over 30 years of entertaining readers under his belt) James M brings his flair for other periods and places to his magic.

What kind of magic does he do?

James is a party entertainer inspired by the magicians of old. While many modern magicians are inspired by more contemporary aesthetics (think: Chris Angel’s rock-and-roll look or Penn and Teller’s business suites), James has a charm that twinkles. With a top hat, his signature mustache, and Victorian suit, his preferred magic is recognizable: cards, rings, rope, and every-day objects that make his magic feel timeless.

What kind of parties he best at?

James is versatile but, like his look, his magic is classic. Children who are fascinated with magic often find him an absolutely mystical figure; adults throwing a banquet or looking for more subtle entertainment appreciate that his signature style is almost decorative. But, of course, he loves everything from project graduation entertainment to college event ideas.

Where does he travel?

James is based in New Hampshire but travels all over Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New York State.

Is there anything scary?

Nope! We like to explain him to clients as “old timey and charming”. Kids often find him more approachable than younger magicians, and his tricks are all family-friendly.

Does he do a kids show?

James’s specialty is classic magic. If your child is fascinated with magic or an aspiring magician themselves (we know plenty!) James is the perfect fit for your party–he’s warm, approachable, and frankly looks about as friendly as Santa himself. But if you’re looking for something sillier or more engaging, we would suggest kids comedy magic with Kenny.

Does he come in any costumes? Can he do anything else?

Unlike Kenny, James comes as a classical magician only (complete with suit, top-hat, and amazing beard-and-mustache), with the exception of additionally playing Santa in December. If you’re looking for another classical magician with face painting and balloon twisting however, we recommend Meghan (although she does not currently do strolling or up-close magic like James.)