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Mascot & Character Safety

Whether you’ve hired a mascot or a character, safety for us is important above all else! We take loads of steps to make sure your family and guests are safe, so we hope you’ll take the same care of our actors

Heat is the #1 safety concern with both mascots and characters, so please be mindful!


Mascot character costumes are HOT, so we have pretty clear rules to make sure our actors are kept safe.

Mascots are also often made targets by children who are pushing their boundaries, so for everyone’s safety:

  • All mascot characters must have an adult-handler, as organized by the client (basically, you or a volunteer just needs to hang out with them 24/7 while in costume!)
  • Any actors or artists may not be hit or touched without consent by any children



Although they look like regular people, character costumes and wigs are often so heavy and thick, they can over-heat SO quickly at a party they barely have time to recognize their symptoms. Even if it feels okay to you, your characters might be starting to feel the effects of the heat.

  • For costumed party entertainers (party princessesparty super heroes, cartoons) they MUST be placed in the shade over 75*F
  • Costumed entertainers MUST be placed in air conditioning over 80* F in air conditioning
  • Please keep water available for your characters to drink as they perform to prevent any entertainment disruption (aka, if they need to go sit in some AC to cool down)

And finally, although it may seem obvious:

  • Any actors or artists may not be hit or touched without consent by any children


As laid out in our terms and conditions, if a party isn’t safe (most likely due to heat or children hitting the character) our characters will first notify you of the safety situation.

If their safety isn’t addressed, they may LEAVE an event if they feel it is unsafe. Full payment is STILL expected.

So please – help us keep our actors safe! If you don’t want your child’s favorite princess fainting during story time or cartoon character falling down a flight of stairs, please help us achieve all of our safety goals for your guests and our team.