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Stilt Walker Safety

Our stilt walkers have a lot of training: but it’s still a hard job! Here’s how you can help keep our stilt walkers safe:

  1. Set them up to succeed! To mount their stilts, each stilt walker needs a surface around 4′ high to sit on and secure themselves into the stilts. This is generally as tall as a car roof, but a bar counter; cement wall, or anything tall will be helpful. This should be “off stage” where guests won’t see them, but that’s less important than finding a good starting space since some guests enjoy seeing the stilts and asking questions.
  2. Outdoors: Give them the right terrain! No stairs, flat, and not on grass. Ideally stilt walkers should be placed inside on non-slippery floors or on even pavement (think: parking lots.)
  3. Indoors: Make sure your ceilings are tall and your floors non-slip! Indoors stilt walkers just need a 10′ ceiling and need to make sure they are on surfaces that haven’t been waxed recently. (So no polished marble, waxed linoleum, or anything wet or slick.)
  4. Keep weather in mind. Safety is first here, and all of our entertainers need to be placed in heated tents or indoors if it’s under 55*F, have access to shade over 75*F, or in AC over 85*F. See more about heat and cold safety here. 
  5. Be understanding of breaks. For every 1 billing hour, our stilt walkers interact with your guests and perform for 45min, but need a 15min break to rest their legs. Those stilts are heavy and take a LOT of muscles to operate!