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What To Expect with Multiple Caricature Artists at Your CT, MA, RI, NH Event

Caricatures are a wild hit at parties, and our caricatures artists are amazing! Kaleidoscope hand selects caricature artists trained by the best, have amazing personalities, and at minimum a BFA.

Bringing multiple¬†caricature artists to corporate events or fundraisers is becoming more and more popular. For many event coordinators this is the first time they’ve managed caricature artists, so here are a few tips to help your event run smoothly!


1. Each caricature artist has their own style

Our artists aren’t Xerox machines. Each one will have their own style. Super frequently, we hear customers comment “Wow, Artist A is amazing! Artist B’s stuff doesn’t look like them” and then a second customer instantaneously will respond: “Really? Artist B is way better Artist A makes everyone look bad.”

Having two separate lines so people can pick and choose their caricature artist may be helpful so they can pick the artist they want! The lines also usually even out–even if Artist A’s line is longer because more people are into her style, Artist B’s line will probably be the same length because many people just won’t want to stay in a long line.


2. Caricatures WILL be a hit

We often have clients suggest “well, not everyone will want one”. We have yet to be at a party where guests¬†didn’t want one! Not only are they fun for lots of ages and demographics, but families love the keep sakes. You can read more about why so many clients choose caricatures here, but we promise–err on the side of more artists! Our artists can each do around 10 individual faces per hour, so we can help you plan accordingly.


3. The line will get long…ct-ma-ri-caricature-artist-3

People will wait up to an hour and a half for free caricatures. Having one of your staffers or volunteers act as a line manager is easy and can save a lot of confusion! The caricature artists can explain the line manager’s duties the day of the event, but basically the line manager just has to make sure people know who is or is not in line and be chatty with people! It’s that easy, and it can save a lot of frustration.


4. …and stay long.

This all said, we often run into a situation where, 30 minutes before the event is over, our caricature artists have “closed their line” (by telling someone they are the last person) only to have people slip in line who shouldn’t be there. This often ends up with a lot of confusion and hurt feelings, so a line manager who can explain that our artists need to leave to the line is also helpful.

All of our artists are schedule so they can stay up to an extra hour if needed. If you do want them to stay longer, that’s always your choice.


ct-ma-ri-caricature-artist-145. Remember: it’s not just drawing. It’s a performance!

People in line love to watch what’s happening. Make sure the artists are set up in a nice open space so people can gather around, chat, make jokes, and enjoy the show!


We want to make sure your party is perfect, so we’re hoping these tips help a ton! You can read some more tips for caricature parties of all sizes here. Happy party planning, and remember you can always contact us for a free quote and consultation!