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When are the best times to throw a party?

After 10 years in the event entertainment industry, we have a pretty good idea as to which weekends are best and worst for throwing events. Our office team actually keeps track of the busiest event weekends of the year (or, at least the busiest for CT, RI, MA, and NH) to help our clients pick make great choices when picking a day to throw their party.

Here are a few general rules:

  1. Friday Nights are always best.
    Very few people throw Friday Night events, but even birthday parties can be better suited
  2. Saturdays are always busier than Sundays.
    A lot of families think about doing Saturday parties instead of Sundays, likely to keep from interfering with worship services. BUT we’ve found Saturdays are on average 5x busier than Sundays as far as parties go. Meaning, you’re much more likely to be competing with other events and on-goings if you throw your party on a Saturday rather than a Sunday afternoon.
  3. Avoid “peak” hours.
    The busiest times of day for people to throw parties are Saturdays 11am-4pm and Sundays 12-3pm. If you can avoid these two peak times, you’ll be in good shape. Go early and serve brunch, or wait until the evening¬†to ensure your guests won’t have to set alarm clocks.
  4. Don’t rule out federal holiday weekends
    While some families go away for long weekends, almost no one throws parties on those weekends. Especially if you’re throwing a marketing or business event, this is when your clients don’t have other existing plans.
  5. Don’t do the weekend AFTER federal holiday weekends.The weekends AFTER three-day weekends are jam-packed with errands, pushed-back parties, and nearly everything else you can imagine that got pushed back a week. These are ALWAYS our busiest weekends of the year.
  6. We sell out of entertainment certain weekends every year.
    Kaleidoscope’s most-certainly-will-sell-out weekends of every year are –

    1. Last weekend in May
    2. First two weekends in June
    3. The weekend after the 4th of July
    4. Middle two weekends in September
    5. Second weekend of December

Tips for booking party entertainment during the busiest months: