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Baby Shark Party Ideas

So, did your kid ask you for a Baby Shark themed party—and you’re thinking, “What could I even do with that?”

Baby Shark Chasing Two Goldfish

Baby Shark is not a new song—but when the entertainment brand Pinkfong released its new rendition of the old nursery song in 2016, Baby Shark rose to unprecedented popularity, and unlike absolutely everything else in the world, babies and children everywhere still love Baby Shark in 2020.   So it’s no surprise you want to throw your child a Baby Shark themed party! At Kaleidoscope, we hear this request all the time, and as Professional Fun Makers, here are some of our suggestions as to how Kaleidoscope can help you throw the best Baby Shark themed party for your kid.


Face Painter

Our face painters are professionals—aka we do this every weekend.  As a result, we tend to know a ton of designs, and since we take requests, we’ve focused on creating and teaching some Baby Shark designs (like a Shark that moves its mouth when you do, Goldfish swimming across your forehead, and the Baby Shark himself) to our artists to make your underwater extravaganza even cuter and more exciting! Peep the picture for a sneak peek, and ask our booking specialist about having a face painter bring some fun to your event today.


Balloon Twisting

Just because we’re that obsessed with fun, all of our face painters DOUBLE as balloon twisters!  Face painting is excellent because it adds ambiance to your party and makes kids feel super special, but balloon twisting is much more interactive and tangible.  As in face painting, we’ve made sure to come Shark Flyerup with a list of Baby Shark themed balloon designs to liven up your party.  Some of the designs we know include:

  • Football-sized Baby Shark
  • Huggable Grandma Shark
  • Throwable Shark Flyer
  • Daddy Shark Hat

If you wanted to go all out, you can ask for a balloon twister/face painting combination, in which your artist will switch art forms halfway through, which means there will be something for everyone!  And if you really wanted to seal the deal…

Pirates Song, Stories, and Games

We came up with this package some time ago to entertain those party-goers who are just too young to pour their own cereal milk.  These are the kids who stare at the face paint selections but don’t truly understand what is happening.  Don’t just leave these kids with “something simple” and send them off mystified as they stare at the balloon in their hand wondering when naptime is!  Hire a pirate—a friendly one—to come to play games with them!  Including, but certainly not limited to the original Baby Shark copycat game, the Pirates Song, Stories, and Games package is the perfect high-energy activity to entertain those toddlers with the most fleeting of interests.  And just like any of our other packages, we’re ready to add on face painting and balloon twisting to make the party just the right amount of too much.